The Broken Hinge

Category : Religion

St. Peter was checking the gate beween Heaven and Hell and found a broken hinge.

He walked over to the "Pit" and called to the Devil...

The Devil says, "Yeah, whaddya want..?",

St. Peter: "The hinge is broken and it's your turn to fix it.." .

The Devil retorted: "Gee, I am a bit busy and don't have anyone available for this.." ,

St. Peter got angry, "Look, we have an agreement, and it's your turn to fix the gate..!" ,

The Devil responded, "Sorry Pete, it's our peak season and there just isn't anyone available..."

St. Peter turned red and exclaimed..."Ok, if that's the way you want it, we'll sue..!"

A big grin broke out on the Devil's face,

"Oh yeah, and just where are you going to find a lawyer...?!"

St. Peter