Loan Collateral

Category : Men And Women

A woman walks into a Manhattan bank and says she would like to take out a $5,000 loan so that she can vacation in Europe.

When the banker asks what she will be using as collateral, she points to her brand new Bentley.

The banker is surprised, but agrees. She leaves, and he laughs; who uses such an expensive car as collateral for such a small loan?

He shrugs it off and parks the car in the banks garage. Three weeks later, the woman returns to the bank.

He retrieves her car and she pays back the $5,000 plus $14.00 in interest.

As she goes to leave, the man decides he has to ask. "Ma'am," he says,

"why in the world would you use a $100,000 as collateral for a $5,000 loan?"

She smiles and replies "where else can I park for three weeks in Manhattan for $14?"